Retinol is known as the anti-aging miracle. Our skin is made up of many chemical compounds, which each have a role to play towards the health of our skin. For example, amino acids and collagen make your skin look healthy and are responsible for hydrating your skin and making it smooth. However, over time with age, the natural production of collagen starts to decrease, and as a result, wrinkles and spots start showing up in more volume. Now the good news is that you can deal with this issue scientifically. You can use the miracle known as the Retinol solution, which is a form of Vitamin A.

Retinol is responsible for boosting collagen production on your skin, which means that you can tackle those ugly wrinkles and spots on your face. In addition, Retinol is present in the form of serums, creams, or hydrating moisturizers, which can be embedded into your skincare routine.

There are many other scientifically proven facts about Retinol. It can rejuvenate the skin severely damaged due to prolonged exposure to the UV radiation present in sunlight. This damaged skin, if not taken care of, can become home to acne and severe breakouts. Since Retinol evens out the uneven pigmentation present in your skin, you wouldn’t have to worry about those dark spots and acne. Retinol has a yellowish hue and appears to give off a tint of yellow.

So, beware when you choose your retinol product because if it is anything but yellow, that’ll mean that it lacks enough concentration of Retinol needed. Speaking of a good product, Artulano Retinol collagen helps people regardless of their skin, whether oily, dry or fair, or dark. It has up to a 3% Retinol concentration, which is more than enough to hydrate and repairs your skin. Another considerable advantage of this moisturizer is that it contains properties that protect your skin against the sun. This means that this moisturizer can be used regardless of the season. Men and women can both take benefit from this miracle moisturizer. Vitamin B5, C, and E, along with Propolis, enhances the function of Retinol and speeds up the anti-aging process using its natural ingredients.

Retinoids cause dryness and itchiness on dry skins because of their collagen-boosting properties, which is why they are mainly used with moisturizing creams, which not only erases this side effect but hydrates your skin as well. It is crucial to add a moisturizer to your skincare routine, which is why we recommend Kinpur Retinol and its Anti-Aging Face Moisturizer. This moisturizer contains 3% Retinol and is infused with Aloe Vera gel, which is considered a gift from nature in its healing properties! This moisturizer from heaven has a balanced formula that is a significant and commendable point for such products; otherwise, the skin’s pH balance can get disrupted. This anti-aging masterpiece produces rich collagen through Retinol and accelerates your skin’s rejuvenating process.

Retinol creams show the best results after at least six months of usage. So, patience is vital when you are looking for guaranteed results.

Another essential fact to know is when to apply Retinol creams. Retinol encourages new skin to replace the older one, making your skin more vulnerable to sunlight. This is why it is recommended to use it overnight for the best results.

The last but probably the most important fact regarding Retinol is that pregnant women are advised to avoid them as tretinoin (an oral Retinol supplement) can cause miscarriages or abnormalities to the child, which can also prove fatal to the mother! So, it is best to stay away from them during pregnancy.

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