How to choose a face serum

What to choose – a serum or face cream?

serumAnswer: these are products with different effects, they do not replace but complement each other.

Cream: an everyday, often basic care, chosen according to age, skin needs and lifestyle.

Serum: a special intensive care, it is often chosen according to your skin’s current needs. It can be chosen according to age if there are no particular skin problems, but there is a wish to intensify the care.

Professional cosmetic products, both creams and serums, usually solve specific skin problems, they are chosen based on the condition of the skin, regardless of age.

Dehydrated, toneless and pigmented skin can be at the age of 25 or 50.

How to choose the right facial serum for your skin needs

1. Dehydrated skin.

Can be any type – both dry and oily. Any skin needs moisturizing daily. If your skin is red, flaky, oily skin has started to get greasier – most likely your skin is lacking moisture.

Use a moisturizing serum for a long time – at least 2 months.

Such a serum will contain hyaluronic acid, aloe vera extract, snail mucin and other components that have the properties of retaining moisture in the skin.

2. Dull skin.

Most often such skin is oily or combined (a combination of oily and normal skin). It is increasingly common among people living in big cities. Lack of sleep, smog, automobile exhaust, bad habits-all this makes even young skin look suffocated, dull, lacking in radiance.

Try a two- to four-week course of gentle cleansing with a serum containing fruit or other acids. Remember that summer is not the time even for such mild exfoliation! Autumn is the best time for such a course.

3. Skin with acne and inflammatory elements.

This is usually oily or combination skin. Acne in the last 10 years is not only common among teenagers, and inflammation on the face can occur at any age as a result of improper care or increased skin sensitivity to external influences.

Use a serum with salicylic acid, tea tree, zinc, lightening acids to eliminate post-acne (dark spots where inflammatory elements are located).

4. Tone-deprived, fading skin.

Such problems can occur both in ageing skin and in young skin after weight loss, illness, abuse of tanning, exhaustion of bad habits.

A serum for such skin would be labeled “firming” and “lifting.

5. Skin with pigmentation.

Most likely to be dry or normal. Pigmentation can appear at any age – because of the sun, after pregnancy, as a result of hormonal changes.

Choose a lightening serum with glycolic acid, lactic acid and plant extracts of appropriate action.

6. Skin with redness, irritation.

Sensitive, allergic or rosacea-prone skin can be of any type, but more often it is dry.

An occasional application of soothing serums will help in the care of such skin. They contain azulene, extracts of chamomile, aloe and other soothing ingredients. These products are usually fragrance-free and dermatologist-tested.

Be careful! Any reactive (i.e., very sensitive) skin needs individualized care products.

7. Skin with visible age-related changes – wrinkles, creases, lost volume.

How to choose the right serum after 40

You can have such skin at almost any age. After 25 years of age any skin starts to age – it loses collagen and elastin, gets wrinkles, the face begins to gradually sort of “flow” down.

But even in your 20s, your skin can look older than its biological age due to sun exposure and unhealthy habits.

The best anti-aging ingredients are retinol and vitamin C. Use products that contain them with care, as your skin becomes more sensitive to UV rays.

An interesting choice is a serum with peptides that have botulinum-like action. They can prolong the effect of beauty injections or delay the age of their application.

Also pay attention to the filler serums. These products with hyaluronic acid, replenishing the lost volume of the face, filling fine lines and partially smoothing even large wrinkles and nasolabial folds.

Also any regenerating serums will do – they will quickly restore your skin after a diet, winter or intensive sun exposure.

How to choose the right facial serum for your age

This section is for those who don’t have a specific skin problem, but have a desire to take care of their face in a special way.

After 20 years of age.

Choose a moisturizing serum. Moisturizing your skin is one of the whales of skin care at any age.

After 30

Fight the first signs of age – wrinkles and loss of tone.

After 35.

Wrinkles are more pronounced, intensive regeneration is necessary.

After 40

Most likely, the skin loses tone, wrinkles become more visible, creases appear, nasolabial folds are more visible.

Try an active lifting serum.

After 50

An intensive anti-aging treatment is necessary. A serum for mature or menopausal skin is ideal.

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