For acne and wrinkles – the miraculous mucin. The plant and animal world has given us many cosmetic oils, extracts and other valuable ingredients. Thus, we learned about snail mucin. So how can snail slime help us in skin care?

In historical documents one can find interesting facts about snail mucin. It is believed that it has been used since ancient times. It was used to treat warts and heal wounds. Hippocrates prescribed a mixture of crushed snails to treat cuts. Then the culinary industry switched to gastropods, and the poor things became a delicacy. Snails began to be farmed in South America, South Korea to export the valuable meat to the best restaurants in Europe. By the way, we are not talking about cooking for nothing. Only the slime of edible mollusks is used in the production of cosmetics.

It is believed that the first to add snail mucin to cosmetics decided in South Korea and Japan. And soon these products became very popular. Korean and Japanese women were happily buying jars with this magical cream and… grew younger before their eyes. The effect really was (and is), and that is why the products with snail mucin quickly entered the European and American cosmetic markets. But history also tells of a Spanish contribution to the discovery of the miraculous properties of mucin. It is believed that it was officially made in the 1960s by oncologist Rafael Abad Iglesias, who was studying radiation therapy as a treatment for cancer and tested radiation on snails. So, the irradiated molluscs were several times more active in secreting mucus from irritation, and this mucus quickly healed the burns on their torso. The doctor tested his assumption by using the secreted secretion on human skin, and saw that recovery was much more effective with it.

To understand how snail slime can be beneficial for the skin, all you have to do is study its natural properties. The secret produced by the snail itself protects against bacteria and ultraviolet light. Have you seen on what sharp surfaces a snail can crawl without fear of getting hurt? Of course, it can be afraid, and it can even hurt itself, but the mucus makes it possible to avoid inflammation on the body and heal cuts quickly. And in cosmetics, it has the same effect, and even more. It is useful for dry and irritated, problematic and oily skin.

Snail mucin composition and benefits

Snail slime extract is rich in proteins, allantoin, hyaluronic and glycolic acids, antibacterial components, copper peptides which help to stimulate collagen and elastin production, protect against free radicals, reduce inflammation, restore damaged tissues, moisturize and smooth the skin. Cosmetics with snail secret smooth acne scars and hyperpigmentation, reduce irritation, saturate deep skin layers with moisture. A natural UV filter helps to protect the skin from the harmful effects of sunlight.

How is snail mucin extracted?

As we have already said, only the slime of edible snails is used in the production of cosmetics. For this purpose, most often clams called achatina are grown. It is grown in an artificial environment, so that in this way you can not worry about the composition and purity of the slime. Under industrial conditions snails are kept on farms. Gastropods are released to crawl on a mesh, which by its uneven surface slightly irritates the snail’s leg and provokes the release of mucus as a protective reaction. Sometimes they don’t use nets, but rather “run” the snail through a tube – depending on how the technological process is organized on a particular farm. Then the clams are left to rest, and the secret is collected for further use, having previously filtered it. Donor snails are well taken care of: they are fed with quality fresh vegetables, washed before and after mucus collection, and young snails are not involved in the “work” for up to a year. Under such conditions the mollusks live about ten years. As you can see, the extraction of this valuable ingredient is a labor-intensive process, so high-quality cosmetics with mucin extract cannot be very cheap.

How to use products with snail secret?

Snail mucin is suitable for any skin type, and the manufacturer does not even give special instructions on what age to use such cosmetics. It is due to its naturalness and the absence of components that are designed exclusively for mature skin, and young skin can be harmful. But just the same naturalness in rare cases can cause a reaction.

The high protein content of the slime extract can sometimes provoke a slight irritation. Therefore, the easiest thing to do before the first use is to conduct the usual allergy test: apply a small amount of cream on the skin and wait a while. If redness or itching did not appear – you can safely use snail cosmetics.

So, you have in your hands a cherished jar, it shows a beautiful snail, inside a rather sticky composition, and in your mind a lot of questions. Let’s deal with them quickly.

How often can I use this cosmetic?

It all depends on the purpose of the product. After all, mucin is just an added ingredient, and the purpose of cosmetics can be different.

If you have a nourishing night cream, use it every night. Your skin’s metabolism speeds up at night, and snail extract can be incredibly beneficial.

If the mucin is a part of an anti-aging line, regular use is the key to visible results. The accumulative effect of the patches.

If you have problematic skin that tends to get dirty, use a couple of times a week with a scalpel.

If your goal is to moisturize dry skin, and you bought a cream or serum, apply it every time after washing. Products for daily use usually have a specially designed composition that does not weigh down the skin even with frequent application.

If you want to use mucin to correct skin texture or discoloration, such as removing scars or pigmentation, and you have purchased a product meant for that purpose, pay attention to the frequency of use indicated on the package. Once a day or a few times a week might be enough. Pigmentation remedies often additionally contain acids, and you should not apply them every day.

Is snail slime dangerous in cosmetics?

We have already told how mucin is harvested. Of course, we are talking about quality and certified cosmetic products from reliable manufacturers, you cannot vouch for others. The mucin is extracted from molluscs, which are suitable for food, live in suitable conditions and do not suffer in the process of extraction. During production, the obtained secret undergoes several stages of filtration. Both for qualitative purification and for increasing the concentration of useful substances, because initially snail slime consists of 91-97% water. Cosmetics made in compliance with all standards are safe.

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